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Stenio oliveira is a Brazilian artist with a degree in Visual Arts from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas and a Master in Architecture and Lighting from the IPOG Institute - Conzorcio Politecnico di Milano.

His research questions the fantastic, erotic and spiritual universe, incorporating studies on genesis, chromatism, psychoanalysis and matter. It also appropriates compositional ideas to create a universe that transitions between the pictorial and the sculptural. Giving rise to sculptures and expanded paintings using multiple materials: creations that resemble organic morphologies and run through the idea of ​​visceral amalgams.

With individuals and collectives exhibits and academic presentations, in 2018 he received an invitation to ArtBrazil Miami, had a solo exhibition of his production Primitividade in São Paulo and participated in the Barcelona International Awards Gallery.

In 2019, he joined the Hermes orientation group in São Paulo, and also to the MUSEU FAMA, where he curated Ana Carolina Ralston, for a collective exhibition.

Also in 2019, he participated in a collective at the Lamb gallery, at Feira Parte, and was selected for the 51st Salon of Contemporary Art in Piracicaba and, in the summer of 2020, curated by Andrés IM Hernández, opened his individual Morphologies Sensory, occupying the second floor of the iconic Campinas Glass House with medium and large works, among them: sculptures, expanded paintings, object paintings and installations.

Also in 2020, he joined the prestigious collection of the Marcos Amaro Foundation, participated in a donation for a humanitarian campaign to the UN in partnership with Fashion Inclusive Brazil alongside portuguese artists Paula Rego and Joana Vasconcelos, and had a story in his honor as a new brazilian talent by  carioca magazine Viva Cultura and also by Forum Magazine.

In early 2021 it was selected for the Mostra Museu, a project in partnership with the Covid Art Museum of Spain to show his artwork together with artists around the world through the streets and subways of São Paulo. At the end of 2021, in December, at the reopening of fairs and cultural events around the world, Stenio showed in Miami at Art Basel Week with an exhibition of his watercolor series at the Red Dot Fair, and with projections in South Beach at Casa Brasil Miami .


In February 2022 Stenio had his work inserted and commented on in the texts of the most recent work of the celebreted critic, essayist and art curator in Madrid, Andrés Isaac Santana, in the book Gramática de Resistencia, where the critic, with his sensual and overflowing style , explains his view of the current panorama of Visual Arts. The book published by the Spanish publisher Aduana Vieja was launched at La Fábrica, also in Madrid, and had the presence and discussion of Tayana Pimentel, (Director of the MARCO Museum in Monterrey) and León de la Barra (assistant curator of the Guggenhein Museum in Nova York).

Currently, Stenio Oliveira is part of the team of artists represented by The House Of Arts in Miami, which is led by artist and patron Jade Matarazzo. He recently had his work exhibited in the magazine Internacional Americana Colecta and entered the collection of Galerie Van Caelenberg in Aalst, Belgium. He also has works cataloged at the Centro Campineiro de Artes e Folklore, a collection at the Olho Latino Museum and at the Secretary of Culture of Americana, his hometown. In Brazil, he currently has his work marketed by the marketplace platform Blombô.


Stenio Oliveira

Americana, Brazil, 1986

Lives and works in Campinas e São Paulo, Brazil




Visual Art and Design, Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Campinas Brazil


Master Arquitecture e Lighting, Instituto IPOG Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, São

Paulo, Brazil




  • Sensory morphologies, Exhibit at  Casa de Vidro Museum, Campinas, Brasil [Solo Exhibit]​


  • Meios e processos, Exhbit at Marcos Amaro Foundation, Itu, Brasil [Collective]

  • 51 ° Contemporary Art Salon of Piracicaba, Piracicaba, Brasil 

  • Casa Parte Contemporary Art Fair,, São Paulo, Brasil  

  • On the first day, on the ninth floor, Exhibit at Lamb London Gallery, São Paulo, Brasil [Collective]


  • Barcelona International Awards Gallery, Cage Gallery, Barcelona, Espanha [Collective]

  • Primitive, Exhibit at Cultural Space No Arouche, São Paulo, Brasil [Solo Exhibit]​



  • Electric Ballet, Exhibit at Museum of Image and Sound, Campinas, Brasil [Individual]

  • Conflicts and Contrasts, Exhibit Gallery of the Pontifical Catholic University, Campinas, Brasil [duet]

  • Consciousness and Contrasts, Exhibit Hall of the Jequitibás Palace, Campinas, Brasil [Solo Exhibit]

  • Movement, shapes and colors, CEFORTEPE, Campinas, Brasil [collective]


  • Criticism, street and society,  Laundry, Cultural Space São Paulo, Brasil [Solo Exhibit]


  • Amoredore, Jockey Club, Campinas, Brasil [collective]


  • Erótic, Exhibit at Jockey Club, Campinas, Brasil [collective]


  • Vertices / Vortexes, Exhibit at Museum of Image and Sound, Campinas, Brasil [collective]



Academic presentations


  • Art in the labor market and in the academic sphere, Lecture, Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Brazil


  • The school as an open gallery, Cefortepe, Campinas, Brazil,


  • Artistic productions as a stimulating tool, Intermunicipal Congress of Art-Education, Campinas, Brazil


  • The school as an educator and diffuser of the artistic look, Intermunicipal Congress of Art-Education, Campinas, Brazil

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